We are very experienced

We have mediated well over 2,000 claims ranging from personal injury, wrongful death, life and disability insurance, property damage, product liability, hospital, medical and dental negligence, class actions and business disputes. We have mediated claims involving more than 15 parties and 15 lawyers over one or multiple days and, at the same time, we have mediated half day cases involving two parties and two lawyers. No claim is too large, too complex or too small.

We are persistent

It is relatively easy to establish the reasons why the parties are in a dispute and why they are unable to resolve the dispute. It is much more difficult and challenging to find ways and means to work through or around the issues in the dispute and assist the parties to design a mutually acceptable resolution. This persistence is demonstrated not only at the mediation but in post mediation efforts (where settlement could not be achieved at mediation). We are 'like a dog with a bone' - we don't let go of the mediation process easily.

We are successful at resolving claims

Don’t take our word for it. Read the paper prepared after gathering data from one year of mediations. We assisted the parties and their counsel in resolving 75% – 80% of all claims on the day of the mediation. Our post-mediation efforts raised the success rate to something in the order of 90% – 95%.

Read the paper
We listen

This may sound obvious but is far from it. Listening involves much more than hearing and understanding the facts or the arguments. It requires an appreciation for what truly matters to one side or the other or what is likely to keep the parties apart or get the parties together. Frequently, listening requires an appreciation for what is not said. Jack Cooper, the patriarch of the Coopers and a source of great wisdom, was known to have said, “You have two ears and one mouth; use them in those proportions” and “You can never listen yourself into trouble”.

We are curious

How and why did the dispute arise? Why has the dispute persisted for months or years? What are the current barriers or impediments to settlement? What can be done to work around those barriers? You can’t find the answers before asking the right questions.

We want to help

Lawsuits and arbitrations are stressful, unpredictable and costly. The parties to such disputes are often consumed by the matter. Settlement offers them certainty and closure. It is a very easy matter to start a lawsuit or an arbitration; it is more difficult to bring the matter to a conclusion and even more difficult to bring it to a mutually acceptable resolution.